Car Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. Application of Agreement: The object of this contract is to lease from the lessor to the renter - as the only driver -, a specific car that belongs to the lessor, including its parts and all equipment, tools, keys, license plates, and all relevant documents described in the front first page (hereinafter referred to as “the car”), exclusively under the terms and conditions hereof. In case there is more than one renter of the car, they all undertake in solidarity, indivisibly and in total, each of them, all the obligations to the lessor.
  2. The agreed lease starts from the date of signing the contract and lasts for as many full days as mentioned on the front first page. At the end of the rental period, the renter is obliged to deliver the car to the lessor on the specific date and address listed on the first front page.
  3. The lease cannot be agreed upon for less than twenty-four hours (1 day). In the case of a minimum lease, the renter does not have the possibility of unlimited use of the car, while the kilometer distance he can travel will be determined exclusively by the lessor. In case of violation of the agreed use by the renter, the latter shall pay the lessor two rents as compensation.
  4. Cancellation of the reservation and refund of the amount that may have been paid can be made at least 72 hours before the scheduled rental start time otherwise, any amount paid will not be refunded.
  5. The renter-driver shall have a minimum age of twenty-three (23) years and a maximum age of seventy-five (75) years, as well as hold a driving license for at least one (1) year. Upon receipt of the car, the renter is obliged to provide the lessor with his identity card or passport as well as his driving license. Citizens of non-EU countries and countries not included in the Vienna Convention are required to have an international driving license together with the presentation of their regular driving license.
  6. Daily rent: The daily rent agreed for the rental period as reasonable, fair, and entirely in line with the rental value of the car is listed on the front first page. The entire agreed rent for the whole rental period shall be paid by the renter to the lessor at the start of the lease upon delivery of the car to the renter, either in cash or by bank transfer - remittance, or by credit card charge, compatible with a cooperating bank of Greece or abroad. The payment of the total daily rent for the entire rental period is proved by a written - signed receipt from the lessor to the exclusion of any other means of proof, even the oath. The renter shall pay a relevant guarantee for all categories to cover the amounts related to the guarantee but also for the payment of the total rent (for unpaid reservations). The daily rent covers only those services that are restrictively mentioned on the front first page, as well as a) driver insurance up to € 10,000 (only in case of death, total or partial disability, not including hospital expenses, etc.), b) personal accident, under the terms and conditions of the relevant agreement of the lessor and the insurance company, c) insurance for personal injury of passengers and third parties up to € 1,220,000 per person, d) insurance for material damage (with the exceptions defined herein), e) fire insurance, f) theft insurance, provided that the car is used in absolute agreement, with the terms of the lease and the provisions hereof. Additional 24-hour roadside assistance is provided under the terms and conditions of the relevant agreement between the lessor and the roadside assistance company. The possibility of replacing the car within 24 hours by another available one, regardless of class and displacement, in case of damage or accident until it is repaired, is at the lessor’s discretion and always depends on the renter’s responsibility for the damage or accident. The daily rent does not include any amount or expense not explicitly mentioned hereof and at the relevant insurance contract, which is borne exclusively and entirely by the renter and is related to the use of the car, such as fuel costs, replacement of tires due to misuse of the car, damage to mirrors and keys loss, any fines, and related expenses for violations of highway code or any other legislation, etc.

In case of late payment of the agreed rent and any other additional charges and expenses provided herein, for any reason and regardless of the fault of the renter, the renter is liable and shall pay the lessor the legal default interest for each day of default, of the days from the first day of delay until the day of full payment of the lessor.

  1. Car ownership: The car belongs to the lessor before and during the entire lease. This is a lease agreement, and the renter acknowledges that he does not have or acquire any rights other than those restricted herein. It is forbidden for the renter to dispose of in any way, grant the use, and recommend any kind of rights on the car in favor of him or any third party. The renter is not, and in no case can be considered, a representative or representative of the lessor.
  2. Terms of use: Only the renter is allowed to drive the car exclusively within the framework of the agreed provisions hereof. In case of hiding an additional driver, a fine of € 100 is imposed. If the renter is a legal entity, the driver or drivers who will use it shall be designated by the legal entity and also notify the lessor to have insurance coverage. In case it is found that more people than agreed are transported by the car, the car will be removed from the renter and a fine of € 100 will be imposed. The car is prohibited to be used for any other use, such as a) driving by any third party not contracted herein, without the prior written consent – approval of the lessor, b) transport of persons or things against price, c) sublease to third parties, d) towing other cars, vehicles, trailers, etc., e) the carrying or handling of heavy luggage or objects, flammable materials, chemicals, pollutants or odors, drugs, weapons, as well as any substances prohibited by law, or materials that could in any way endanger the safety of the car, passengers and/or third parties, (f) the transition - movement outside Greece, g) driving if the driver is tired or under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance capable of affecting, even in the least, his ability to drive, or for any other reason, h) driving, in violation of any traffic rules, customs or other applicable legislation, i) participating in races of any kind (e.g. speed, off-road, etc.), and j) using the car as an instrument of a criminal or illegal act, etc. Especially the transport of the car by ship, train or other means of transport, is allowed only after prior written approval by the lessor, while any damage caused to it during transport is not covered by any insurance but is borne exclusively and only the renter, regardless of his fault, and subject to any exceptions expressly provided herein. In any case, the renter is obliged to make good use of the car, to follow the instructions on how the car works, which are given to him by the lessor upon delivery, to carefully check its mechanical condition, the oil and water level, and the condition of the tires and wheels, wear of mirrors, car interior parts, etc., to take all reasonable and necessary measures for the smooth and normal operation of the car, as well as to lock and store it using the safety systems and to take all measures to prevent theft or reduce its value for any reason. It is forbidden for the renter to make any repairs and interventions in the car or any third party, for any reason, without the prior written approval of the lessor. Guarantee: The renter pays the lessor as a guarantee for the good execution of this contract, the amount indicated on the front first page, based on the category of the car. The amount of the guarantee remains with the lessor for the entire period of validity of this contract, is not offset against any due rents, and is returned interest-free to the renter at the end of this contract, upon return of the car to the lessor and provided that the renter has fulfilled all of his obligations hereof.
  3. Delivery & return of car: The car was delivered today with the signature of this agreement from the lessor to the renter in excellent condition and free from any actual or other defects that make it unsuitable for the use desired by the renter. The renter carefully inspected the car, carried out a test drive, found it to his absolute liking, and received it unreservedly. The renter is obliged to deliver to the lessor the car with the registration certificate and all relevant documents, in the condition he received it and with the same amount of fuel as the car had when delivered by the lessor to the renter, and at the exact place and time specified on the front first page. If there is a difference in the amount of fuel based on the relevant indicator on the dashboard of the car at the time of delivery to the amount it had upon receipt, the renter is charged and pays the corresponding amount in euros at the time of delivery of the car to the lessor. No refund is made if, at the time of delivery of the car, the amount of fuel is more than that of the car at the time of receipt. In case of any delay in the delivery of the car to the lessor, without prior notice by the renter, the lessor is entitled to seek redress through lawful civil and criminal proceedings, with the car being considered stolen or embezzled, and uninsured. In any case, the renter is obliged to pay the additional daily rent corresponding to the delayed delivery days of the car, taking into account that the minimum rental fee corresponds to 24 hours (1 day) unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties. In addition, in this case, the lessor is entitled to claim any damage that exists due to loss of operation of the car and, possibly, consequent general malfunction in the smooth-planned rental of cars of the lessor.
  4. Violations & fines: In case of imposition of a fine (e.g., due to illegal parking, violation of a traffic light or sign, exceeding the speed limit, etc.) and/or any finding by the competent authorities of the administrative offense committed by the renter, the renter is obliged to notify the lessor upon delivery of the car, and in any case, within 24 hours from the time of detection by the authorities of the misdemeanor - infringement and/or the imposition of a fine and/or any other type of sanction, obliged to provide all relevant and true information and to cooperate in any way with the lessor in anything required for the discharge of the obligor or the lessor. In case of any omission of the renter to take such actions in time, according to the above, he is additionally responsible for the financial recovery of the lessor for any additional positive and negative damage, as well as for any additional burden that the lessor will suffer due to renter, due to his omission. If for any reason, the lessor is charged on behalf of the renter all or part of the above costs, then the lessor will invoice with the above amounts the renter, who is obliged to repay the lessor on the same day as the last charge.
  5. Termination of the contract: In case the driving of the car by the renter is dangerous, illegal, or in violation of any of the present terms, the lessor has the right to terminate the lease of the car at any time. Through and with the termination of the lease, the car rental is automatically terminated.
  6. Accidents: In case of an accident or any other incident (fire, theft, loss, etc.), the rental is automatically obliged to follow the following procedure:

(i) notify the police,

(ii) note the names and addresses of eyewitnesses as well as any person involved in the above incidents;

(iii) recognize absolutely no third-party claims

(iv) contact the lessor’s representatives immediately by telephone or by any other means

(v) collect all relevant information from any third party as well as all pertinent documents and items (e.g., taking photos, etc.) and send it immediately to the lessor

(vi) complete and sign any necessary documents, strictly and only, following a written order of the lessor, and generally follow the instructions and orders of the lessor.

(vii) To contact upon the indication of the lessor with the insurance company APEIRON Tel: 213 090 4300.

  1. Loss or damage: If the car is damaged or lost during the lease, the renter is obliged, regardless of his fault, to pay immediately to the lessor and without objection an amount equal to the value of his repairs, based on the assessment repair shop of the lessor’s choice, and in case of loss, an amount equal to the current commercial sale value, plus the relevant taxes and license plate costs, as compensation for the total loss of use, except in the following cases: a) theft of the car, which occurred even though the renter has fully complied with the terms of this agreement and any further provisions of current legislation, and b) occurrence of damage, which occurred even though the renter has fully complied with the terms of this agreement and any further provisions of the current legislation and the highway code. Especially in case of loss of car keys, for any reason, the renter is obliged to immediately inform the lessor to send spare keys, without the renter trying to start the car, while the renter bears the cost of a new key under of the relevant receipt from the car dealership that will issue the new keys. In case the keys are locked in the car, for any reason, the renter is obliged to immediately inform the lessor to either send a second spare key or to arrange for a locksmith to open the car, with the corresponding keys shipping cost and/or locksmith services to be borne entirely and exclusively by the renter, based on the relevant proof.
  2. Insurance coverage: The insurance coverage is specified and governed by the insurance contract terms concluded with the car insurance company. The renter-driver of the car is exempt from car damage from fire and material damage from uninsured cars, while he is insured with civil liability for causing death or bodily harm to third parties and passengers. The insurance coverage provided is valid provided that the car is used in full compliance with the terms and conditions hereof. Otherwise, the renter is entirely and exclusively responsible for repaying any damage and has no claim against the lessor. The renter’s liability for damage to the car can be reduced and eliminated, provided that the Highway Code is not violated and paying specific amounts per rental day based on a certain minimum charge per car category, according to the daily charge of the insurance contract. In any case, indicatively, the insurance coverage provided does not cover: a) damage to the underside of the car if it is driven to the edge of the asphalt (kennel) or unpaved roads or areas, b) any loss or damage to luggage and personal belongings objects for which the lessor bears no responsibility c) damage and wear to the interior of the car, d) any damage or wear during transport by ship (aside from damages that may occur while parking), train or other means of transport as well as malicious acts or riots, (e) in any case, if the driver is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs; (f) accidents caused by a renter who did not notify the lessor immediately and did not file the relevant accident declaration, regardless of his fault.

The lessor collects any amounts paid by the insurance companies under the relevant contracts in case of any insurance risk. The renter is obliged to notify the lessor in writing, no later than 24 hours after its occurrence, of any insurance event, regardless of his responsibility. If the renter fails to notify the lessor in time of the occurrence of this case, the above insurance coverage does not apply, the lessor does not bear any responsibility and is entitled to claim by resource against the renter any amount that the lessor is obliged to pay for any reason related to the specific event of the insurance case, also covering any other damage suffered by the lessor due to his statutory liability for the car involved in the accident/incident.

  1. Disclaimer: The lessor is solely liable in the event of fraud or gross negligence. In all other cases (including minor negligence, aleatory, or force majeure), the lessor bears no liability, and no claim can be made against her. Also, the lessor bears no responsibility for the loss of things transported by the car or may have been abandoned after delivery to the lessor.
  2. Right of substitution: This contract and the rights and obligations arising from it for the renter are in all inalienable rights, in any way and for any reason and cause. The lessor is entitled in its sole discretion to substitute in all its rights and obligations arising from this contract, any third natural or legal person, provided that it notifies the renter with a written statement. 
  3. Personal data: In the context of the lessor’s obligation to comply with the legal framework for the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection, personal data information that comes to its knowledge with the consent of the renter is used exclusively for the agreed purposes hereof, and for compliance of the lessor with its necessary legal obligations, such as the preparation of this contract, the provision of insurance coverage of the renter, the fulfillment of the legal obligations of the parties regarding traffic controls, police and administration in general. Possible further use - processing of the renter’s data by the lessor may serve the purposes of promoting and advertising the lessor’s services to the renter, such as, for example, sending advertisements by e-mail, telephone, SMS, or sending forms to renter’s address, as well as “customer analysis” for collective statistical analysis of data and categorization of customers for targeted disclosure – sending promotional material is possible and allowed only under the condition of the renter’s prior signed consent to the lessor on the front first page. The renter has the right to be informed about the processing of personal data, to have access to the personal data concerning him, to request the correction of incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete personal data, to submit a request for the deletion of personal data when it is no longer necessary for the lessor, or if the processing is illegal, to object to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes or reasons related to its particular situation, to request that the processing of personal data be restricted to specific cases, receive personal data in a machine-readable format and send it to another controller (data portability), request that decisions based on automated processing related to him or affect him severely based on personal data, be made by individuals and not just computers. To exercise these rights, the renter should contact the lessor who processes the personal data, who, in this case, is called the “controller”.

The above applies in conjunction with the relevant provisions on personal data protection included in the terms of use and privacy protection found on the internet link:

  1. Violation of the car rental terms: This agreement takes precedence over any other prior written or oral agreement between the lessor and the renter. In any case, where the renter breaches or attempts to breach any of his obligations under this, or if the information provided to the lessor is incorrect, the lessor is entitled to terminate this agreement and seek redress for any damage suffered as a result of the above inaccurate information/data. In case of termination of this contract, the lessor is entitled to exercise all its legal rights. The renter is entitled to unilaterally terminate this lease before the end of this agreed period provided that he has fulfilled all his obligations under this contract. The lessor may terminate this agreement in the event of bankruptcy, filing for bankruptcy, or cessation of payments of the renter, questioning its solvency such as, for example, in the event of foreclosure, enforcement, auction, or compulsory.
  2. Non-waiver: The non-exercise or delayed exercise by the Contracting Parties of any of their rights under this Agreement does not constitute or can be construed as constituting a waiver by them.
  3. Jurisdiction: All the terms hereof are considered essential by the parties, and they expressly and irrevocably accept every one of them as a whole text, which is the complete and exclusive agreement between the parties herein and supersedes any contrary to a written or oral agreement. Any dispute that may arise from this, including disputes over its interpretation, is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens. Violation of any terms shall have the consequences outlined in Article 17 above. The headings of the articles are for the convenience of the parties only and may not be used for the interpretation of this article.
  4. The renter, either after the signing of the contract or by accepting the terms of the lease on the website of our company, is deemed that has read, understood, agreed, and fully and unconditionally accepts the terms of the lease contained in the terms use and privacy policy which is set forth on the lessor’s website and the terms herein.
  5. Amendments: Any modification, extension, or renewal of the terms herein is void if not prepared in writing.
  6. Notifications & announcements: Any notification or announcement related to this agreement will be notified to the addresses of the parties listed in this introduction. 

In proof of this agreement, the parties draw up and sign this contract, as follows.